Headshot070715Rena Montedoro is an award-winning writer and editor.  Her work has appeared in over 49 trade publications and journals including The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Advocate, Backpacker Magazine and Victorian Decorating.  Her writing covers a board spectrum from true crime and healthcare articles to food and beverage pieces.   In 2008, Ms. Montedoro launched the regional magazine Great Lakes Life which became one of the fastest-growing publications launched that year.  After just two short years, GLL was sold on over 1,200 newsstands across the country and Canada.  Ms. Montedoro’s work also includes corporate communications for large entities including the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Clubs, and Cutco Cutlery, one of the largest knife manufacturers in the country. Her creative work includes script- and screen-writing as well as several chapbooks of poetry.  Two of her chapbooks – The Deadman Poems & The Nursing Home Poems have been published in numerous literary magazines and journals throughout the United States.

Ms. Montedoro and GLL were honored with numerous awards in the 2010 and 2011 Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards including work in writing, photography, and design.


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